We Feel Great Making You Look Great

When you want your property to look fantastic, you probably
DON’T want to hassle with messy contractors.

We understand that you want a team that’s efficient and friendly to work with.

PM Contractors is your local fencing and landscaping solution. We’ve specialized in residential fencing and landscape design since our beginning in 1998. Because of this, we’ve built a reputation among homeowners across New Jersey for the past 13 years.

We understand that you don’t want to hire a crew that is going to cause more hassles, waste your money or your time. We also understand that sometimes you’re getting quotes for materials and services that you are unfamiliar with…so it’s important to trust the team  you’re hiring. We pride ourselves in our professional service, our follow-up and our fencing installation techniques.

Have you installed things on your property before…only to have to re-install the next year because it didn’t last? We’ve spent many hours learning how to install fences so that they last for years without wearing down. A fence that is installed hastily can need repair or replacement in the following year. With our team and the materials we use, you can trust that the job you invest in will last.

Our professional staff takes pride in giving the customer the best experience in the fencing and landscape industries. We have teamed up with manufactures across the state to provide our customers with the best fence presentations in the area.

Want to be sure your property looks great–and doesn’t look like every other yard on the block?Our expert landscape designers offer each home a unique and special look of its own, leaving no two homes alike. From the beginning to the end of your front or backyard remodeling, our team can work with you 100% of the way. We make sure we leave your property in pristine condition as something you are proud of.

We offer free estimates, expert installation, design and clean up.

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