Do You Need a Permit for Your NJ Fence?

Unfortunately, building permits are not only for buildings. In many places, they’re required for fences, too.

Fence Permits Depends on the Locality

Fence permitting is not universal. Some localities require it, while others don’t. Also, the fence permits may be issued either on the city or county level.  If you’re in an unincorporated area, usually you go to the county level. If you’re in an incorporated area, you go to the city level.

Fence Permits Are Limited to the Type of Fence

Often, fence permitting depends on the type of fence. In unincorporated areas, you often find that fences less than six feet tall do not require permits. In cities, though, almost any type of fence will need a permit. The rural, unincorporated areas also give more leeway as to the type of fence, since farmers and ranchers often have special needs for barbed wire, electric fences, and so on. In cities, it is difficult, if not impossible, to obtain permits for these types of fences. Finally, you will find that most localities do not permit fences higher than six feet–no matter the type of fence it is.

Fence Permits Are Not Always Easy to Obtain

Because i’ts simple, you’d think it would be easy to get a permit. Some permitting bodies require sketches, plans, and photographs. The big one here is that if your fence is shared by a neighbor, you may have to obtain written consent from that neighbor to build the fence. As you’d imagine, this could be a tricky subject to bring up with a neighbor.

Fence Permits Are Cheap–Except When They’re Not

Fence permits can run around $20…but they can go up to $80 or $90. It just depends on the area.

Ask Us About Permits

Understanding what’s required in your area can be confusing. Ask us about requirements and any details for permits in your area.