Different Types of Fencing

Different Types of Fencing for Your NJ Property

Fences come in different kinds, styles and materials and are used for many applications. You can contact a well-qualified contractor to assist you in installing the fences or you can do this by yourself. You can always look into the kinds of fencing in order for you to know which one is the most appropriate for your property.

Aluminum Fences
Aluminum fencing is an alternative to steel and iron fencing. It requires little maintenance and it is as strong as steel fencing. The advantage of this kind of fencing is that it does not rust. If you do not have to worry about discoloration and rusting of your fence, then this is the type that is right for you.

There are many different styles and types of ornamentation for aluminum fences because aluminum is used for decorations. This makes aluminum fencing applicable for practically every use. Some of the more common uses for aluminum fences are for pools and decorative fencing applications. Aluminum fences come in different colors and heights so there are no limitations.

Wood Fences
Wood fences are available in off the shelf styles. It can be designed in any way and like aluminum has no limitations. The cost of wood fences are inexpensive and because of its affordability, this kind of fencing is readily available. Wood fences are used for decorative purposes such as landscaping and privacy fencing. They can be detailed to match the exterior finish of a home whenever it is customized.

It is available in cedar, red wood and treated wood but several other wood species are also available. The range of heights and sections are also unlimited. The gates and entry can be matched to the wood fence that expands even more to the desired wood fencing.

Chain Link Fences
Chain link fences, also known as cyclone fences are the most common style of fencing that are installed in North America every year. Chain link fences are like privacy fences because they are inexpensive and low maintenance. Chain link fences are most often galvanized and also vinyl-coated. This kind of fence is very versatile and can be used in various ways from privacy fences, pool fences and property marking.

Interestingly, chain link fences got the name because it can withstand cyclones and hurricanes. Chain link fences will be the kind of fencing that will be left standing because water and wind can easily pass through them.

Vinyl Fences
Vinyl fences are substitutes for wood fences, privacy fences, as well as aluminum and metal fences. There are various styles that are available because vinyl fences come in different kinds – such as semi-private, privacy, picket fences and contemporary. Privacy vinyl fencing is a good type of fence for privacy around your house or your pool whereas semi-private vinyl fences are good for front yards. Contemporary vinyl fences are widely spaced that gives them a semi private look. It also doesn’t require painting, therefore making it an alternative to wood and metal fences.

Vinyl fences also don’t require staining because they are of the same color. It doesn’t split or rot because it is made of a hard and flexible material. Vinyl fences maintain a fresh look five times longer than wood fences do.