How to Choose Pavers for a Patio

When choosing pavers for a patio, you have to consider the climate where you live in. Some can stand the effects of the changing weather, from cold and hot. This is something you really have to think about especially if you reside in a continental climate. For example, stone pavers are the most durable in cold conditions. If you live somewhere warm and sunny, the pavers you choose should minimize glare. Concrete pavers are the ideal for you.

After choosing the kind of pavers, you have to decide on the colors. These should match your home in order to provide a style of your preference. It can be traditional or contemporary. It really depends on the style of your home. Stone gives a more informal look whereas brick has a formal quality. Choose a paver shape and paving pattern that go hand in hand with the total look of your home.

You also have to think about the benefits and drawbacks of every material. Patio pavers come in concrete, clay and natural stone. Brick pavers that are made of clay are popular options. You can arrange these fairly depending on the versatility of the pavers and the number of patterns. Concrete pavers are also stronger and less formal than brick. Stone patio pavers are the most durable and can definitely last longer than any other materials. They also provide an old or rugged look.

For practical reasons, you also have to look into the cost. The concrete pavers cost the least. This is then followed by brick. The most expensive is the stone. If you wish to really invest in your home, then this is the way to go.

Remember that stone pavers when laid with wider spacing invite weeds to sprout up in the spaces between. You can prevent these from happening by removing the weeds. The brick pavers also crack and chip over time so for maintenance, you have to replace a brick or two in the long run. Concrete pavers can sustain damage and also require replacement when the time comes.

Whatever paver you decide for your patio, all you have to remember is the look that you are after. For example, if you wish to really invest in your home, you will get the material that you can afford. If you can afford brick pavers, then do so. You also have to set money aside for the maintenance. Whatever you decide, it should still reflect your own taste, style and personality. It is your home, and its an investment you want to feel proud showing off for years to come.